Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don’t Skimp on Style! Designing Your Home in a Family Friendly Way That Everyone Will Love

Everyone wants their home to look well styled and comfortable but when our house is filled with the pitter patter of our toddler’s feet, and the chaos of our teenagers coming and going, how stylish can it really be? With some creativity and by following the tips we’ve laid out for you, your home can easily and affordably become the creative paradise you long for. Not quite sure how to make it all work? Try making your own mobile instead of buying an expensive, store bought one or paint old furniture in exciting colors to make them like new again. Read on to find out about some of the latest and greatest family friendly interior design ideas you can apply to your home

Turn Old Souvenirs into Interesting Table Toppers

If you’re looking to save some money while decorating, this one really makes the mark. Cheap to do but not looking a bit like it, turning your old tables into something new again with those souvenirs of collected sea shells and beach house knick knacks won’t be wasted here! Glue seashells that the kids collected from walks on the beach around a photo frame, or display them in a good looking jar next to some coffee table books. Make your table into a fun display the kids can help decorate, and then show off to guests.

Invest in Plenty of Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves work wonders when kids invade your house in three ways. They save you money from hiring someone else to do them instead; they save space and best of all, keep your valuables out of the way of the children! Beautiful and affordable shelves can be found anywhere, and whether you purchase them at Ikea or Home Depot, you can dress them up with your favorite colors, tack on decals of family photos and load them up with all those books, office notebooks, music boxes and framed photographs you haven’t found a place for yet – until now.

Reserve the Coffee Table for the Kiddos

When it comes to stylish décor and decorating creatively with the kids in mind, try to look at your living room differently. What pieces of furniture appeals best to your children? Purchase a sturdy coffee table that your children can draw on, read from and play board games on, and one that can withstand the test of time around rough playing, instead of stressing over any little kick in your expensive Pottery Barn version. Slip covers are an excellent purchase to make as well, and can save you the headache of ruined couches throughout their childhood. Easy to wash, they provide a great way to take care of your things, and allow your children the flexibility to play as they will (despite your pleads to ‘take it down a notch’.)

If you have young children in the house, don’t wait until they’ve turned 18 and moved out to make your home a lovely place to be. Instead, decorate now by unleashing the creative genius within you! Go crazy with color (especially in the kids’ bedroom and bathroom), eliminate cluttered space with hooks, wall hangings and bookshelves and best of all, let the kids help with easy home decorating tasks. Your home can be beautiful – and will be – with these easy and affordable tricks.

Author Bio: Heather J. writes on behalf of Design55, your source for modern living room furniture and stylish décor!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Dress to Success

Some companies who do not have uniforms implement a certain dress code for their employees to follow. The dress code sets a level of uniformity and professionalism in the workplace so even if they don’t have a uniform, their employees will dress up accordingly.

So what are the different dress codes that can be implemented by the company? Let us list a few of them with suggestions on how to dress up to adhere to the dress codes:

  1. Business formal. This is the most formal dress code that an organization can implement in the workplace. Industries that are more conservative because they deal with clients everyday like Sales, Accounting, Banking, Real Estate, often implement this type of dress code.

To achieve a business formal look, men are required to wear suit in hues of black, navy, or gray paired with a plain or solid color long sleeves or polo. The simple the shirt is, the better as it offers a more sleek and professional look rather than going for the printed ones. For men, a woven tie made from 100% silk will also complement the overall look. The quality of the tie will add value to your overall look but don’t fret as there are a lot of companies that sell designer quality ties at a fraction of a price like Jack Franklin. All their ties are made from 100% silk made by Italian weavers so you can get quality woven ties without hurting your budget.

For women, a suit paired with pants is the best look to go for business formal attire.

  1. Business casual. This dress code is the dress down version of the business formal as employees are still required to project a professional business image while being comfortable with what they are wearing. For men, trousers paired with a collared shirt are suitable for this dress code. For women, they can wear a pant suit and sweater.
  1. Smart Casual. In order to achieve a smart casual look, employees can dress casually but will still look professional and presentable. For men, a solid pants and collared shirt is acceptable for this dress code. For women, they can wear a dress or pants and skirts paired with a jacket or blazer.
  1. Casual. For casual wear, employees can wear whatever clothes they are comfortable with but care should also be taken as their attire should still maintain a professional look. Some outfits that are a big “no-no” for a casual dress code in the office include shorts, slippers, clothes that are too revealing and the like.

They say that if you want to be the boss, you should dress like a boss. What you wear reflects your professionalism and credibility so it is really important that you dress appropriately to create a lasting impression.

In order to dress for success, you should ask around first and observe the dress code in your company. Checked out what your co-workers are wearing and better yet, adhere to what dress code the big bosses are observing.

You can also get ideas on how to dress appropriately by looking online or in business magazines so you will have an idea on how to dress professionally.

In a corporate environment, it is always important that you dress appropriately to project a professional image. The life in the office is very unpredictable as you will never know what a day will bring. You may be called for a presentation with the top management or you suddenly have a schedule to meet with a high profile client so it is wise to always look professional and presentable everyday at work so you will be ready whatever adventure your work takes you.

So no matter what dress code your company employs and no matter what type of job you do, always remember that how you dress up will show your ability to perform the job well. So maintaining a professional and business image is your key in dressing up for success.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top Interior Design Trends This Winter

This year has been an interesting one when it comes to fashion, with the focus being on one word – contrast. Bright and bold colours are most definitely in, and if you can manage to make things compliment and contrast each other, then even better.

Bright, Bold, and Daring

The colour of the year, according to Pantone at least, is Honeysuckle – a bold, striking colour that manages to be both feminine but strong at the same time. It’s just deep enough to not be pink, and just bright enough to not be “just another red”.


Minimalism is most definitely making a return. Take those bold colours, and match them with some strong and sturdy oak doors, some granite countertops, and some creative, geometrically shaped furniture, and you’ve got the makings of a space-age-but-comfortable home. There are some amazingly simple, minimalistic furniture ranges on sale at the moment. The big question, however, is whether they’re as nice to use as they are to look at.

Natural is Welcoming

Combining minimalism with cheap synthetics never works well – unless you’re aiming for “bus station” with your decor. If you want to make your home feel comfortable and inviting, then natural materials are the way to go – choose oak doors rather than plastics, leather sofas instead of synthetic upholstery, granite worktops, cotton drapes, and bamboo storage.

Go Global
If you want your decor to be memorable, then take some inspiration from foreign trends. Ethnic designs are always appealing, and if you can incorporate them into your lifestyle you’ll definitely impress your visitors. Oak doors are rustic, bamboo mats are oriental, and ceramics can be ethnic. Merge them together to create a cultured appearance that is uniquely yours.

Safety First

One thing that it’s all too easy to overlook is safety. When you’re remodelling, you should think carefully about any safety regulations that apply to your home. For example, some local authorities have rules about internal doors. UK safety regulations dictate that downstairs doors must be suitable for use as fire doors if the upper rooms are intended for use as bedrooms. In addition, if you’re doing rewiring in the kitchen or bathroom (even just changing light fittings), then you might need to get a certificate to prove that the work is safe.

Savvy Shopping

Grand displays of wealth are considered tacky, rather than impressive these days. So, save your antique doors, gold leaf frames, and priceless works of art for the inside, and try not to get caught up in a “keeping up with the Joneses” race to outdo your neighbours with lavish exterior decorations. You’ll be happier – and most likely more highly regarded – if you live within your means and save your money for things that really matter.
Decorations are nice, but only if you enjoy them yourself. If you’d rather live a more modest lifestyle, or save your money for your other interests, then that’s your choice; what good is fashion if you don’t enjoy it?

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of UK Oak Doors, suppliers of high quality solid oak doors.