Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Molds attack

This is one thing that I am trying to avoid now. One of our cabinets got its base partially submerged at the flood so I am worried if it will still turn out okay when it's dry. I know that during a flood damage, molds can really attack your things because it is wet and it is where they really grow. I am lucky enough that i wont be needing mold removal at all because our stuff are good now. But still, my mom said that I should check on it a few weeks after. I know some of my friends whose house was badly hit by the typhoon and I am doing some work for them , a little help would be great in times of need. I have heard from the news that a Mold removal company would offer their help for free at certain areas. That would be a great help for those whose furniture can still be recovered. Let us all be safe everyone.


the pic is a bit dark, but this is how our corner street looked like during the weekend.
it was scary, it was raining hard with no electricity.

never again, please.

thank God we are safe.

Landscape work

I would really want our garden to be landscaped soon but because of the flood , I have to re schedule it. But still I am looking for a landscape contractor for my friend. She just had a new home in the city and she is so excited to have her garden landscaped. She is a bit on a budget now she would really want to get a trusted contractor at a good price too. She wanted it simple but well defined too. I am just gathering information through the internet now and she will just call the ones from my list. If the company will provide her some quotation or partial pricing then that would be great. I do hope i can have our garden landscaped too by early next year. I dont think now is the best time for me.

Accent Pieces

I am looking for some accent pieces for our guest room. A chair is my best option . My family will soon be spending 3 weeks here so I would really want the room to be well prepared by the time they arrived. I want the zebra printed one more because I love animal prints.

A family vacation

This month, my family will be coming over to join us for the first birthday of my daughter. I am so excited to see them again after two years. We are taking this opportunity to bond together as a family so we are planning a family vacation by the beach. I went online looking for possible getaways and I cam across the all inclusive vacations that showcase the beauty of a secluded beach. My family loves the beach and I know that we will all have a grand time there during a weekend. I saw some pictures of Ocho Rios hotels and I was amazed with its beauty. I really wish we can visit it some time soon, but for now , we can only travel locally.

Currently, we are already booked with our flight and accommodations. We will be staying at one of our favorite beaches of the south. I am a bit particular with the beach resort where we are staying because of the kids. I am specific with cleanliness and hotel facilities. Hopefully in the future we can visit Negril Jamaica the next time we go on family vacation.

Scary Saturday

It is only now that I was able to go online again. Our place is under the state of calamity.

A typhoon hit us and a lot of my fellowmen are now homeless. I still consider my family lucky enough. The flood entered our house but we are all safe, Thank God.

I am grateful that a lot of Filipinos are reaching out to their fellows. Mabuhay ang Pinoy.

Let's continue praying.

Be safe everyone !

Friday, September 25, 2009

Everyday Chat

Do you know where I can find some florida chat rooms over the internet? My cousin in law recently transferred in his new apartment and he is bored nowadays because he still has no friends to chat with. Well, he only has some friends at work but they are in a different schedule now so they don't see each other. I told him to try some online chat bacause it really is loads of fun. Hope he can find a nice chatroom so he can meet up new friends there.

Chic Momma

I received a good news from my cousin last night. She is currently 2 months pregnant and I feel so happy for her because she waited for 3 years to have a baby. Apart from the excitement of finally having her own bundle of joy, I told her to be extra careful from now on especially on her first trimester. I am just so ecstatic last night that I told her I would help her shop for everything about the baby. She asked me where she can grab some chic and trendy maternity clothes , and i told her that i saw really nice ones at . She is a working girl so she needs more dresses than I am.

She immediately checked the site and got a few picks for herself. I promised her that I would give her 1 dress as my gift. Here's two of my current likes. She just needs to grab herself a maternity pants to go well with these tops. I am glad that moms can still look fab even with that bulge in their tummy. Pregnancy is a phase in life that one should truly enjoy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's Chat

There are really times that boredom hits us, and we may choose to fight over it by doing new things in and out of the house. Whenever I feel bored , usually during the afternoon, I watch a good movie or listen to some songs that I miss terribly. But lately, I discovered the nevada chat lines and i never thought that chatting was such a fun way to enjoy your online time. I met a few new pals and I had a great time chatting with them. Now< i am not surprised why a lot of people are hooked with online chat. Its a big load of fun .

Tommy Hilfiger Towel Set

I frequent because their prices are really cheaper as compared to other websites. I chanced upon this towel set coz i want to give it as a set to a good friend. Lots of colors to choose from hopefully I can grab one set for my dad too.

  • Bath towels: 30 inches x 52 inches
  • Hand towels: 16 inches x 28 inches
  • Wash cloths: 13 inches x 13 inches

Used Vans

When you have two kids in your family, a simple car would really make you feel like crowded inside. A car seat, a booster seat and a baby bag would certainly eat up a lot of space. This is why we decided to get a van for our family. We use it at most times that the four us are going out. Such a great convenience. I remember when we were still in the process of purchasing one, we were thinking if we will get the second hand ones to save money. I saw online that there are these Used Vans Edinburgh that is offered at great prices and the vans are really looking well taken care of. But my husband decided that we get a new one since we have a little budget for it. It was the best decision to get a van for us , my kids can move freely and sometimes , some of our relatives join us in our trip. i bring in a lot of their toys because I am not worried with space anymore. And yes, we even have a stroller inside.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Green home

When I was still living with my mom, I enjoy staying at our garden because she has grown a lot of really beautiful flowers and plants. Gardening is part of her relaxation routine already. But eversince she transferred to a new place, our garden lost its beauty because I gave out some of our flowers to relatives since I cant take care of it anymore. I kept a few ones for my home. I got myslef a few Planters last year and this is where I re planted most of our flowers. I actually enjoyed gardening too, but eversince I had two kids, I barely had time for it anymore.

But two weeks ago, when I was at the mall, I saw a nice Window Box Planter on sale so I got it and I thought of having some flower seeds planted there next week. I promise myself to try planting again since the kids now are easier to manage as compared when I had a newborn. I wanted to go back to the mall and check if they have some Garden Planters on sale. I plan to buy some for my mom and a few for my place because our garden really looks empty lately. Wish me luck with gardening.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Stain Guide

I am browsing at one of my fave home blogs, and I found these really useful guide to some stains on baby clothes. Take a look and have a =n idea on how to get rid of it.

This includes breast milk, formula, most food stains, and spit-up. Soak in plain water first, then add an enzyme cleaner such as Wisk, Era Plus, or Biz. The enzymes in the detergent will attack the stain, literally digesting the protein. If traces of the stain remain, apply a combination solvent (an all-purpose stain remover) such as Shout or Spray 'n Wash, then launder as usual.

Oily, Greasy Stains
This includes baby oil, creams and petroleum jelly, If fresh, remove any excess, and cover the area with cornstarch or talcum powder to absorb oil; scrape off after 10 to 15 minutes. Apply a combination solvent like Shout or Spray 'n Wash, then launder as usual.

Fruits and Vegetables (juices, jams, berries)
This includes juices, jams and berries. Flush with cool water; soak in a one-to-one mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. If the stain loosens, launder as usual. If not, apply a combination solvent such as Shout or Spray 'n Wash, then wash. For a stubborn stain, lightly bleach the area by soaking it in a one-to-one mixture of white vinegar and water.

Leaky Diapers
Attack diarrhea stains in the same way you would a protein stain (above). For urine stains, pretreat the area with a tablespoon of ammonia diluted in at least 1 cup water (be sure to test a hidden spot first to see if the fabric is colorfast). Follow with a combination solvent such as Shout or Spray 'n Wash, then launder as usual. (Note: Never mix any product containing chlorine bleach with either ammonia or vinegar; these combinations are toxic.)

Source .

Titanium Rings

Prior to a girl's wedding day, she would have to deal with months of preparation . Well, personally, it is one thing that I will not forget in my life. Preparing for one's wedding can be tiring, but it is a start of a journey between you and your husband. Mixed emotions prevail, there's a feeling of happiness, tension , expectations.. it is surely something different. I was a hands on bride as I did all the search of suppliers.

Aside from my gown , one thing that I really had a hard time choosing was the Wedding Rings . I know it is a symbol of a life long journey , so I wanted it to stand the test of time. I wanted it to be tough through the years. I knew then that I wanted a titanium wedding ring. My friends told me that the price maybe steep, but I was lucky enough to find a relatively competitive priced one. The titanium wedding bands are said to be hitting the market bigtime . A lot of couples like this because of its durability. It also has a number of classic designs and one can never go wrong with that. But lately I heard about the tungsten carbide rings from my cousin who will soon tie the knot. Maybe these are new release of the classic ones and it might be combined with some metals. I dont regret getting the titanium ring at all. It is classic , and with the 4 years that I am wearing it, i am loving it more each day.

Friday Fill- Ins # 142

1. My car is a blue sedan.

2. Water is coming up next.

3. Lately, things seem to be easy .

4. The beach is one of my favorite 'hiding' places.

5. What happened yesterday remains a secret.

6.My plan is not impossible!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending it with my family , tomorrow my plans include going to a baptismal ceremony and Sunday, I want to finish my online tasks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bored ?

Are you? Well, there's a lot of ways online on how you can spend you time well. Aside from my all time favorite online window shopping , you can also learn a lot by browsing educational sites or social networking sites. One can also play games at the internet, but i know a lot of teens out there who are hooked with chatting just like my cousin in LA. The california chat lines are really getting popular and its gaining crowd tremendously. I might take a peek on what that chat has to offer. But i heard there's a lot of single people out there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4 weeks.

Yes, i am giving myself for weeks to whip out everything for the big day of my princess. I can't believe she is turning 1 ! Well, its a ctually 7 weeks before her paty, but I am saving the 3 weeks of that for the time that my family will be here with us. I dont want to stress myself when that time comes. I dont even want to spend most of my time online. Its been 3 years since we were all together so I am saving my 3 whole weeks with them.

I cant wait. I miss them terribly.

Clay and Ceramics

Are you looking for a new hobby that will surely bring out the creativity in you? Well why don't you try the art of clay molding and ceramics ? My good friend from college introduced me to this hobby , and I can say that it is really relaxing. Well, i am just starting out so i need to get materials for my practice. I never knew that there are so many ceramic colors in the market today. I am choosing the more basic colors first and I am happy that AMACO/Brent 's products are Lead free.

I have long been wanting to try out clay pottery art because i know how it can make me feel relax and how it can bring out my artistic side. I am thankful to my friend for introducing it to me and for giving me websites where I can learn more. Soon I will also be getting my own pottery wheel clay . Slowly, I am starting to invest with the right materials, and as always, safety should always come first. I am getting really excited with all my outputs . I wanted to share this hobby to all moms out there who wants something new to do during their ME time.


Got it here .

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Radio and I tunes

When I was in high school, i am an avid radio listener. I use it everytime I am doing my assignments or when I am simply inside my room doing nothing. But things changed now. Household chores are non stop that I can't even turn On the radio because my kids are watching TV. I really miss listening to Local radio stations . But then , recently , me and my husband discovered HD radio, so we checked it out online. The sound and quality is way better than the old AM and FM transmission that we had. He wanted to get this JVC KD-HDR20 because it is relatively cheap as to the other brands we saw.

I can't wait but to enjoy listening to the radio again. HD radio is really something to lok forward to everyday. And you whats more ? You can do some Song Tagging or iTunes Tagging ! Wow I really like that feature because I have nice songs at my Ipod. I am just a new user of Ipod actually, and I can say that HD radio and Ipod music would go well together. Do you have HD radio already? You better get one now and enjoy music everyday.

First Birthday preps

In two months time, we will be celebrating the first birthday of my daughter with a simple celebration with family and friends. I already booked a venue a few months back and I can't help but feel excited now because all the preparations are in full blast. We got a nice ballroom that can accomodate all our guests. For the overall theme, I chose the Candyland theme for her because it is so colorful and i know how kids loves candies. My whole family will fly all the way from CA for this very special day. I will invite all our relatives and friends too. This early , I already have a guestlist but everything is not final yet.

As for the food, we will have the main food catered. Then I added a few foodcarts for everyone to enjoy. I got a few treats for the kids like ice cream , french fries and candy bar of course. I wanted to try out and serve some tailgating recipes as for my extra food. I am still searching over the internet for really yummy and easy to do recipe. Apart from all these preparations, i also got a few entertainment for the kids like bubble show and magician. Face Painting and Glitter tattoo would also add a lot of merriment for the kids. Most of my guests would be from our families and my close friends with their kids. I am finishing a lot of party prepa already as I Dont want to cram when September arrives. Wish me luck !

Monday, September 14, 2009

The HAMP GUIDE Program

I am sharing with you what I have seen from this program. A friend of mine wanted to know more about this because she jsut got a new home for her family with a loan. I am really not familiar with loans and all but she said that the President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) helped her a lot. This program is the only comprehensive guide available for homeowners to modify their loan under HAMP. The company provides customer assistance through the telephone for free.

This program includes a loan modification guide. It a ten-step guide that you should follow to get approved. Tips on how to fill up the forms and sheets are also included. The most commomly asked questions are included so as some example of situations that may arise. And the best part is, if you have questions, they have a FREE UNlimited Phone support. Loan Modification can be done by another company , but did you know that you can also do that by yourself with the use of this program? Yes that is possible as long as you follow the steps.

The do it yourself loan modification guide is becoming really popular nowadays. Why pay someone else to do it for you if you can do it already right?! You dont need those negotiating skills, all you need is knowledge of what you are doing. So if you want to try the HAMP Guide program , try it out , i think they are offering a 30day money back guarantee at their website. Call their customer service today.

Nice wedding gift

The Corelle Pro Sketch retails at $ 69.99 at target. Its a 16pc dinnerware set thatg is perfect for a small family. My college friend will get married next week and I am getting this as a gift. I find the color safe as it would blend well with whatever motiff they have at the kitchen.

A new bed

Next month , my family will stay here with us for a 3-week vacation , and that would also include the first birthday celebration of my daughter. i can;t help but to really feel excited. I am already fixing a few stuff here at home to prepare for their arrival. The guest room needs some furnitures. It is actually bare because it was never used at all. We are looking for a nice Bed for my parents. Since it will not be used on a regular basis, I dont need something expensive at all. I care for the comfort it would bring. I also want something that is just simple then I would just get nice sheets and pillow cases.

When we were at the mall during the weekend, I saw some really nice, budget friendly Beds , and I am thinking of getting one in the next two weeks. I still have unused sheet sets that i can use for their stay. I just love trying out beds when im at the mall. I feel like i can sleep there then wake up in the morning inside a store hahaha. Now I am checking online for some alternatives. I know that some items go super sale online. I do hope that today is my lucky day. Here's what i like so far, I am more particular with Wooden Beds than the other ones..

Our weekend

We had a blast !

It was the birthdya of my husband and we starte our simple celebration last Saturday. My girl had a photoshoot for her 1st birthday then we had great food at a Greek restaurant in the area.

Sunday was spent with my in laws , we had Modern Filipino Cuisine for lunch.

It was a fun tiring one with the family.

HAppy Birthday Dear Husband!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How about Vancouver?

As i previously blogged, aside from my usual online work, I am really having a great time with chatting. I already had my chat buddies and we have a schedule when we go online all together. I told this to my friend who is currently just staying at home and is getting so bored with her daily life. She lives in Vancouver so there is no way that I can drag her to the mall when she's sad or alone. I told her to try vancouver chat as it would really give her a great , fun time at the internet. I know she will also be hooked just like me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Store them !

These are nice quick storage systems for the kids. It's under $10 each would you believe?
I plan to get both fot my two kids so they can easily dump small stuff here to help me pack away their toys. These are not just for storage, it is a great decor piece too!


I can't last a day without using the internet. I always feel like i need to check my email and some shopping sites that might go on sale. But lately I discovered the joy of chatting online . Im a little late you might think, but its better that way. I joined a reading chat room lately because I am having fun talking to them in cyberspace about the books that we enjoy reading. We share our thoughts and reviews as well. Its a good way of meeting new friends with a common interest as you are. Better try it out.

House Plans and more

Apart from the excitement of finally having your own home, i think most home owners can't wait for the day of seeing in print their house plans . When we first got our unit, I talked to the contractor and discussed everything that I wanted to be executed. There is so much anticipation of seeing it in black and white. I think it is where it begins, before you even get excited getting furnitures. I was presented with drafts , and some are even colored but I had revisions after. To my delight , everything was well executed.

Then it was my mother in law's turn to have their house built. Their home plans were indeed great too and i asked her who made it for her and she told me that it was from of HDA Inc. I didn't realized that she got it from this site because she is not into anything online. But she told me that it was my sister in law who helped her out. I think it is now starting with its construction and she is filled with so much joy seeing the plan bloom. She got so happy with the results that she even wanted to have log home plans created for their land at the province. I looked at the sample log plans at the website and I thin it is perfect for their setting at the province.

Friday Fill - Ins # 141

1. That's a nice place to be.

2. Hey you ; I'm over here!

3. The possibilities include: a world of ideas.

4. Spaghetti is one of my favorite cool day recipes.

5. How will you know if you are overspending when you are buying the things you love.

6. Coffee and a stormy sky.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to coffee date with my boys , tomorrow my plans include having a picture of the kids taken at the studio and Sunday, I want to give the husband a yummy birthday treat!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Save on Coupons

I admit that I am so much into online shopping. Eversince my sister introduced it to me a few years ago, I had been doing it regularly. I love how easy it is that I can browse and buy stuff at the comfort of my home. But I am one practical shopper. I always buy itmes on sale, and add to that, I use coupon codes. Coupon codes are usually a set of letter or/ with number that you need to enter upon checkout for additional savings. The discount varies, like free shipping , 5 % off, 10 % off.. etc. Its really extra savings so why not grab right?

You can find it online as there are sites dedicated for that. Right now, I would like to get an external hard drive for my laptop and I am just waiting to get a huge discount through a promo code. Lukcy me, my friend told me that there is a GoToMyPC Promo Code that he saw online recently. This is really extra money for me. I can buy another little item for my laptop for that. Now you understand why I enjoy online shopping . Sometimes they also have additional freebies with these codes. You must know where to search. Easy Coupon Search is always there for you whenever you need anything. They have a lot of store coupons so feel free to check it out ! HAppy shopping!

Car Insurance

I almost forgot that our car insurance will soon be expiring. I was doing some items at my calendar when I browsed a few pages this month and saw my to-do task of getting a car insurance. Ever since we had our car, it is a must that it gets insured every year. I certainly need to check on my trusted car insurance companies and ask for quotations. I knw that I can check it online and wait for them to shoot me an email.

Hopefully , its not too late as I need to send them a few papers before i get one. Still it is hassle free than how i thought it would be. I tried getting the insurance online last year and with my parents car and it didnt give me a headache at all. I better start searching now so I will have a list later tonight then start comparing their quotations.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My shoe box

I got this from a local department store at a super bargain price of $1. I hoarded because Im one shoe girl who takes care of her shoes no matter what the price is. Its made of good plastic and comes in red, blue or black top. They also have a longer box for big shoe sizes. I think that is almost $2 each. I love that this is transparent, you can actually see what shoe is inside:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

save with car insurance

Expenses seems to be never ending ! Yes, we are finished with the amortization of the car, but still we have to get a car insurance for this year. Add to that, we are preparing for the first birthday of my girl and a vacation for the family. Oh well, its okay to have these expenses as long as its for the family.

So back to the car insurance, I have received a lot of calls already offering their quotations, but of course I have to compile all my data to compare which one could give us the most comprehensive service and still come out with a cheap price. Of course, I need to save money from this type of expense so I cannot just grab any offer out there. The only way for me to get and to know the lowest rate is by carefully examining and comapring the quotes. Well, its nt easy as it may appear , but i am getting there. We need to finalize the car insurance by next week so I guess I still have a lot of time. I remember when my cousin got a cheap Texas auto insurance , he told me that he had tons of paper and files before he came up with the best.. well if thats what i need to do to save, then I'll go for that.

Life Insurance

This keps me busy now. I am searching online for term life insurance quotes because my mother in law is asking for some help. I already requested a quotation from some other companies , but of course I want to compare everything beofre signing into one. Lucky me, there's a better way to do this online with just one website..yes, I was able to do compare it. I like it when things are made easy nowadays.

Im a wine

You Are Sauvignon Blanc

Engaging and energetic, you have a lot to offer the world - most of it they've never seen anywhere else!

You are the type of person who carves your own path in life... and you invite everyone else to come along.

The only thing predictable about you is that you could have anything up your sleeve.

You're all about sampling all of life's experiences. Both the savory and unsavory ones.

Deep down you are: Laid back and young at heart

Your partying style: Anything goes... seriously!

Your company is enjoyed best with: Smoked meats or spicy food

ADT Home Security

Home is one place where we should feel secure the most. Being a mom, I do my all to provide safety for my family, and I always want that re assurance that I must feel safe whenever I am at home. But times now are different. We have to be vigilant even if we are at home and we have to do our best to protect especially the kids. This is why my husband and I decided to get a Home Security System. We inquired from ADT Home Security System and we like the information we got from them. They have a lot of packages to suit your budget. Of course, we wouldn't compromise anything for our own safety.

There is a current security system in our village , bit still I want our own home protected. We chose ADT because it has been a proven service to a lot of friends I know. They have a great customer support team that is avaialable 24/7 . They have proven their work to over 5 million homes already. If you are thinking of providing Security System in your home, I suggest you do it now before its too late.

PDF Files

I have been busy with a lot of things lately. I am working on some work files of my husband because he needs to submit some paper works within the week. Some files are easy to file, but I had problems with some of it because i need to convert pdf to word. I was clueless at first since I know a little with it. But I was able to check a website that can convert PDF to Word in minutes. Add to that , I also edit pdf easily because of the website. I never thought it would be that easy . I was about to ask help from a good friend who is well knowledgeable with computer stuff. Thanks to for making my task easy.

Now I can convert pdf easily. I also protected the files by putting on password to it. Some of the files of my husband are a bit confidential, so having a password is perfect. Just download the software from the website if you also want to convert, create and edit a PDF file.

Red !

I saw these wonderful red sofas at Target.. its bloody!! I love it.. Maybe we can switch to this color and design when my kids are a little grown up. It is so perfect for our black floor !

Christmas is near

Its the BER month already , and I know that most of us are already feeling Christmas. Too early? NO, I dont think so, time flies fast that you will be shocked to know its December already. The entrance of September makes me want to shop now for gifts. I have a very busy October to November because my whole family will be here. Now is the perfect time for me to start shopping. I am starting with christmas cards . I still send them to our relatives abroad and to some of my friends because I want to keep in touch with them every Christmas the traditional way. It overwhelms me to receive a Christmas Card because its great to be remembered.

How about you, Did you start already ? Better check out the nice collections of Christmas cards now. It will surely bring you the Christmas mood.