Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travel Mode

We are off for a weekend vacation in a beach resort next month. I feel excited because this would be the first time for my girl to travel by air. I somehow looked at what we are wearing for the beach. I have it in one big bag and i chose what to bring for my kids and for me. We are travelling with a friend's family and that is one thing i am anticipating too. Finally, my boy will have playmates on a vacation! We usually go on our own thats why. Anyway, I need to get a new and bigger Luggage for us. We have the regular sized one , and there's no way it could fit our stuff now that we are four.

So before I head to the mall, i need to check online if there's a sale of bags . Sometimes it is really cheaper to get online, and add to that, i dont need to leave our house at all. Aside from the luggage, i want to get baby bag and carrier. I think it would be a great help to use a carrier and a bigger baby bag.,that would also be my hand carry :) I will post our stuff here before we leave!

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