Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Satellite Internet

Life for stay at home moms became easier with the birth of the internet. Imagine , i can shop, pay bills, chat with friends, work , get in touch with family, share my pics etc etc all because of this technology. Gone are days when you have to snail mail people , or send printed pictures thru mail , now almost everything is possible to do even if you are just at home. You can even enroll yourself in an online university. How cool is that?

So laptops/ computers without internet is something unusual nowadays. Thanks to the power of free wifi offered in some public places like the mall and hotels. But did you know that there are places that DSL and cable internet are not yet available in some areas. This is where wildblue internet service comes in . Its a satellite internet that is getting popular now because it reaches a lot of areas , like the rural ones easily. I have seen in the news that there's wireless internet in Montana .

Now , internet can be accessed in more places because of this satellite connection. Imagine a rural high speed internet , i bet this can boost up a place's tourism too. Internet is ideal not just for personal use , it means a lot in business so business can be done even if you are staying in a rural area where dsl isnt available. Check out WildBlue Internet for more information.

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