Tuesday, July 7, 2009

medical scrubs and uniforms

I am currently helping out a relative of mine who is working in the hospital as a nurse. She is looking for the perfect medical scrubs that she can use while on duty. She was buying it before at the mall near our place but she noticed that it lacks quality so she wanted to try the medical scrubs and uniforms from Scrubs and Beyond. It was her first time to do some online shopping so i helped her out. We first searched thru all the scrubs ,and boy oh boy, i wanted to get one because of the nice designs. Considering the designs, materials used and quality, it had a value for money. My cousin got 2 tops and 2 pants to match.

This will surely be loved by her patients since she is working at the children's ward. Here's what she got :

She also wants to try the medical shoes from the site, but she needs to confirm her shoe size first. The place is like heaven for her. She told me she's having a hard time to look for work uniform before. But with her knowledge now of this website, she will have no hard time with all the scrub uniforms she need . She would even recommend it to her friends at work . Personally, i like hospital stuff to be in nice scrubs, especially those in the pedia division. Kids i know , like my son, are scared of anyone wearing all white uniform . I hope all hospitals in our area would require nurses and staff at the pedia ward to wear kiddie inspired scrubs. That would really be nice.

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  1. Hi there. I got some awesome scrubs from a place called Lady Mae Uniforms in Victoria BC. Similar to the ones showing in the picture. Lots of colours, styles,great quality and the nicest staff I have ever dealt with. They even have a website - www.ladymaeuniforms.com AND you can order online too. They are the best.