Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lights Please

Whenever I visit the Lights section of the mall, I can't help but drool over their pieces. I always feel like changing the one that we have at our home now. From the living room , to the dining, and the bedrooms too. I really believe that having the perfect lighting can add beauty to any area of the house. Of course, the light fixtures need not to be expensive at all. This is the reason why I hunt for the best pieces in store or online. Have you seen some collections at Farrey's?

This is the forecast lighting that I like for the working area in our kitchen. It is under the bistro collection . I always dreamed of having hanging pots there, I usually see this in Italian restaurants and I find it really cool huh. Then here is a kichler lighting that I want for our living room

It is simple yet very elegant. I just wish I have a budget to buy any of these for now. Or maybe , i can suggest these pieces to my cousin who is having some renovations at her house. They are fairly priced so it would definitely be a great buy.

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