Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lights and Decors

I always knew that these two would really go together. Last weekend we were at the mall looking for some Indoor Light Fixtures for our newly renovated guest room. We want to finish everything for that room in a month in time for my parents arrival here for vacation. We got Desk Lamps already and we got something simple and classic. I chose color white so the lamp would complement whatever room paint we may have. I got so attracted with so many display Lamps including Kiddie Lamps.

Hopefully everything will be done in our little renovation here at home. Im writing down what i still need to buy in a few weeks time and Home Furnishings and Decor tops my list. The July 4 sale would really be a right timing. I might score some real bargains with the decors. I will check on Shopwiki later , i am definite , i would find something that im looking for there.

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