Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kiddie Beds

Being a mom of a toddler and an infant, i can say that most of my shopping loots are for them . I usually buy them clothes , toys and shoes during SALE and I feel happy with that. Call that a mother's simple joy. Last week, we have decided to fix the room of my boy , so we went to a furniture shop to look for Kids Beds . It was heaven for us , especially for my little boy because we brought him along so he can choose his first bed. We wanted something that can maximize the space that we have so I am considering this

The small cabinets / shelves can be used for his toys and gifts. I have seen this type of design in a Childrens Beds display at the mall. My son likes it too because its in blue and he likes the shelf too. But still we went around the store and found really nice Novelty Beds . The designs can't just escape our attention , so we went and checked. We asked our son what he likes and he pointed to this

This is perfect because he likes blue cars. The little shelf on the headboard can be used for some of his fave toys too . I cant wait for this to be delivered soon.

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