Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keyless lock

Have you seen a door that would require your fingerprint to enter? Yes, its a keyless lock system that is becoming so popular now because of the security it brings.

I am one of those who would usually misplace a key ,and sometimes it would get lost in my possession. One time , we have to remove a part of the window just to get into the house because we don't have a key (and the spare was left hanging inside). I dont want that to happen again, so i researched for what is new nowadays. This keyless system that uses fingerprints is programmable. Aside from your family member, you can even program people for temporary access in your house.

This is really a great innovation and i cant wait for ours to be installed. This is one form of investment that i wont mind spending a few bucks because this is about our safety and security. here's a sample of the lock .

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