Monday, July 13, 2009

Hummingbird feeders

Don't you adore hummingbirds? These little creatures are so remarkable that is why a lot of people I kow get one for themselves to keep in their yard. My aunt and my uncle currently has one now, and since they are childless, would you believe that their hummingbird keeps them occupied the entire day. They even got a glass hummingbird feeder for their pet. My aunt wishes to have two more so that the one they have now has someone to play with. They say that when birds alone, they have a tendency to die soon, so yeah , the hummingbird needs companion. Here's how a glass feeder looks like

It's a perfect gift to those who loves taking care of hummingbirds. They will surely appreciate this feeder. How about you, do you also consider taking care of hummingbirds? I personally want one, i bet my kids will enjoy it.

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