Monday, July 27, 2009

Home Style and Designs

Most of the friends that I know who recently had their homes renovated, they search online for possible ideas and designs. They compile the pictures that they want then they present it to the designer , or sometimes, if you dont have an interior designer, you do the things by yourself. Pretty tiring, so i think when the time comes that I will do some renovations here I will get one. I want someone who will respect my ideas , styles and designs. Its my home and I want it to reflect my lifestyle and personality. I have heard of Kaja Gam design and their team is really known when it comes to Interior Design New York. I searched her website and I love her works. She surely has a grea team that helps her out with her projects.

The Bathroom Remodeling New York project they had was awesome. I am particular with bathroom designs because this is really one place aside from the bedroom that I feel relaxed. It is also where I spend my ME time everyday so it really needs to be refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Aside from her bathrooms, I love some Kiddie rooms she got and living room. No wonder, they are known in Interior Design in New York City. They really helps their clients achieve the house they dream. Here, take a look at these pictures from her site..

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