Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Security

No one would ever risk the security and safety of their family. As a mom, I see to it that my kids are secured the entire day in our place. We hardly go outside of the house on weekdays, and during those times that we are just inside, I make sure we are locked for security. We have heard some robbers attacked a few blocks away from our place so my husband decided to get wireless home security system . It will be installed next week and I feel more secured with that. Its just me and the kids here at most times and knowing that we have an alarm makes me more confident.

A lot of my friends are asking me already of the benefits of a home alarm . The first thing that I told them was, out house is protected for 24 hours a day. The monitoring center works hand in hand with the authorities once it receives signal. Well, they first call the owner and if it fails authentication or if no one answers the phone, then local authorities will be dispatched to check the place. I will give you more feedback soon when our ADT is installed. I am figuring out everything for now on how it really works. I bet, I would be giving my recommendations once i gave it a try.

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