Monday, July 20, 2009

Health Supplements

It was only lately that I started taking herbal supplements again. I got pregnant last year and the only medicines that I am taking in are the ones prescribed by my OB. But before my pregnancy , I was actually into some herbal stuff already. personally, I find it therapeutic and rejuvenating. Now I am thinking of trying out beta glucan . A friend of mine started taking it already and she swear by the results it gives her. Beta Glucan strengthens ones immune system and helps lower cholesterol naturally. I thought of this immune system when I heard from the news lately that one can get really protected from major illnesses if he has a strong immune system, and taking supplements for this is a good move.

I am doing a little more light reading about Beta Glucan . Hopefully I can order for a trial size soon so i can check if my body will response well to it.

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