Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HD Radio

I admit, for quite a long time, i haven't turned ON the radio. Music is a part of me , but lately, being a mother of two, they would usually turn on the tv and i cant turn on the radio for added sounds . At most times, i listen to the radio only when im at the car , still it rarely happens. But tonight, i tried out the local radio stations because my friend told me that there's a nice station that i should listen to at night. And because i am not using the radio, it took me a while to get in to the station . I also realized that what we have is an old model already and it badly needs replacement. Have you seen some new models now that can be used as in Ipod dock. I saw it online, the Jensen JiMS 525i is really cool!

If ever I'll have that here , i would definitely use it with my ipod! It has a compact design that has a lot of features including song tagging . I think the reason why i don't use the local radio anymore is because I got glued with my ipod for a while. But this one is cool. It's really time for us to upgrade with radios. We already have a plasma TV , and its high time we get HD radio for our home.

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