Monday, July 20, 2009

Football on Direct TV

I am not a sports buff. I really never excel in any sport since I was young. I am okay with just watching people play . But when my son showed interest with football, that was the time that I tried to learn more about the sport. I guess this happens when you are a parent already , you'll do everything for the kids.

So I checked online for some football stuff and watched a few games on Direct tv . I am not sure if I can catch the same game if we don't have the direct tv. I am just thankful that we have one because my kid can watch at most times. The images at the tv screen are so clear , and you can really feel the action. I am thinking of getting NFL Sunday Ticket for Business but i have to ask my husband first . My boy would love to see this game for sure! Oh , what will I do if we don;'t have direct tv ?! I am getting to know more about football because of it. Actually, i am just glad that we made the big switch. I remember I inquired about some Direct TV packages to see what would suit us best . It's a big factor really , I get to maximize with what we are paying. Im just lucky my boys love to watch tv because of sports , football primarily .

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