Friday, July 31, 2009

Did you know ...

A little sharing here from one of my fave sites about Spa at Home ... Whenever I want to de stress and rejuvenate myslef at home, I visit the site. Here's what I want to share for now:


...that the best time to bathe is when the stomach is empty?

...that salted water will help alleviate light-headedness some people experience when soaking in hot water?

...that baths deprive you of body fluids, and drinking alcohol before or during a bath increases the dehydration.

...Any substance applied to your skin, will also be absorbed by it? Choose your cosmetic and beauty products with this simple rule in mind: If you wouldn't eat it, don't wear it or use it on your skin. Use the BEST and freshest ingredients, not the least expensive or those which have "crossed over."


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