Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cars ! Cars !

I just feel so happy now that we are finally done with the monthly amortization of our car. It had a four years term and come to think of it, it was pretty fast. Last month, my husband and I were thinking if we will get another one for our bigger family. We only have a hatchback type of car and it just fits our small family well. But you know, when you have kids, you really need space inside the car. We listed out a few cars for our shortlist , and let me share it now here.

Since we got a Chevrolet for our first we first thought of chevrolet cruze . Its a little bigger than what we have now,but can only sit 5. I like its exterior though , and the red one is so hot ! Next in line is the honda odyssey . This one is on my top list because of it's size. I have heard great reviews of this from my cousin since he uses this for his family. He told me that it is low maintenance and i would really get all the space that I am looking for. This one also fits our budget.

Third on our list was dodge ram 1500 . a pick up type of truck which also has space at the back but i guess its not my ideal family car. Its more of the masculine type but what i like about is that it looks really tough and the space at the back is big we wont think about putting bikes and toy cars of kids. Lastly, The toyoya venza has a good size too. The compartment at the back is big, and yet the car itself can sit 5 people i guess. It also has nice reviews online. Anyway, i think we have to cut down our list to two, odyssey or venza. The husband would have to decide for this since he is the one who will drive it most of the time.

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