Friday, July 10, 2009

Bath works !

If there's one place in the house that i love to decorate except for the bedroom, that would be the bathroom. Its one place where I can be just me. I want it simple , clean and has a mood that is really relaxing. When we were still redecorating our bathroom inside our bedroom, i made it a point to invest in good , quality products. It may cost a little bit more, but i know it can stand the test of time. I checked on some NATIVE TRAILS personally, to see if anything would suit my taste. I never knew that there were a lot of sinks, as in a lot ! That made me had a hard time to decide. When i got settled with one, another beautiful one comes up.

So what we got are BLANCO SINKS. I really wanted a his and hers sink , so in the morning , when we are on a rush to prepare ourselves, we don't have to wait for one to get finished. Plus , it makes our stuff more organized too. His toletries are in his part of the sink, while mine goes at my side. We paired it with JADO FAUCETS. These are really lovely pieces ! I dont fear that it would tarnish or molds would build up soon. It happened with our old faucet , and it just made us buy another one which doubled our expenses. Here are a few designs that I also consider for our bathroom , take a look.

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