Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Convenience of Direct TV

The television is one appliance at the house that my family cant live without. It is one source of information for us, a tool we use when we are bored , its basically something we use to entertain ourselves. But a TV without Direct TV nowadays can really be boring. Its like a laptop without internet. This is the main reason why my mom signed up with www.DirectSatTV.com . After work, she catches up with her favorite tv shows. She feels relaxed by watching TV , and of course, she couldn't miss the news.

But lately she got worried, because they have plans of moving, and she's thinking if she will retain her directv service even if she transferred to a different city, or even state. She called customer service and she inquired about Direct TV in CA , fortunately, she was informed that her service would be retained even if she is moving! Isn't it great ? That's so hassle free for them since they dont have to re apply for a new service. How about you? Do you have Direct TV?

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